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Remforce monitors your boiler 24/7 so you don't have to, and will alert you via SMS or email if any problems occur.

Boiler Remote Monitoring & Alarm Notification

Avert Disaster

System failure can costs thousands of dollars if not dealt with immediately. With remforce’s alarm notifications you are informed via SMS or email if any problems arise with any of the parameters you are monitoring on your boiler.

  • Receive alarm notification, if any problems occur
  • Avert potential disasters
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Sleep well
Boiler monitoring alarms notify is a boiler failure has occured
Boiler Temperature and Pressure Monitoring optomizations

Know Now

Once our hardware ​and sensors are installed on your boiler you can login to your account on our web-app and view your boiler data in real-time, anywhere on any device.

Our web-app allows you to see how your boiler is operating, allowing you to identify any deficiencies in your boiler, and make the needed optimizations; saving you time and money.

Save Time & Money

  1. Alarm Notification

    Our custom alarms provide notification of a failure, so you can deal with the problem immediately.

  2. Reduced Maintenance Time

    With remforce monitoring your boiler 24/7 the need for regular maintenance checkup's are drastically reduced. Throw away your clipboard and pencil.

  3. Boiler Optimization

    remforce’s charts and historical data logs give you the ability to optimize, your boiler’s performance. These optimizations allow for energy savings and as a result reduce the cost of heating your building.

  4. Extend Boiler Life

    Why purchase a new boiler when you can extend the life of your boiler (up to 7 years) by installing remforce for a fraction of the cost.

Boiler Temperature and Pressure Monitoring

What else can REM1 do?


myREM was designed for multi-building owners. Our goal was to design one interface that allows our clients to easily manage and navigate their entire building portfolio.

Teams & Users

Teams allow you to assign a group of users to a group of buildings. The users on the team can access data and receive alarms only for that group of buildings.

Historical Data & Reports

View your historical boiler performance data, and download your data in a .csv with the click of a button.

View On Any Device

myREM was designed to be viewed on any device – mobile, tablet or desktop – providing you easy access to your data whether on the go or in the office.

Boiler Remote Monitoring & Alarm Notification

Boiler Monitoring and Alarms
  • 1

    REM1 hardware is installed near your boiler, monitoring it 24/7. The boiler data is sent to our cloud based web-app and will alert you if any issues arise with your boiler.

  • 2

    REM1 Sensors can monitor boiler temperatures, domestic hot water temperature, boiler pressure, carbon monoxide, moisture, leak detection, dry contacts, fans and more.

  • 3

    myREM is our client web-app that allows you to access your data in real time. Manage your whole building portfolio from 1 interface, view historical data, set alarms, manage teams, users and more.

  • 4

    Alarm Notifications are sent via SMS or email if problems arise with your boiler.

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Identify Boiler Deficiencies

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