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Remote Boiler Monitoring + Remote Controls

Take control of your boiler room with Remforce's industry leading, cloud based remote boiler monitoring, alarm notifications and remote boiler control capabilities.

Remforce Products

Remforce remote monitoring is a cloud-based IOT solution focused on remote boiler monitoring. Monitor your assets from anywhere at any time, get notified if a failure occurs.
New for 2020: our GEN2 hardware.

RM2 Remote Monitoring & Controls

RM2 is our most advanced and flexible model, featuring cloud-based controls and a wide range of remote monitoring capabilities.

Monitoring Capabilities
  • 8 Analog ports (4-20mA)
  • 8 Digital IN ports
  • 6 Digital OUT ports
  • RS485 - Modbus (read)
Control Capabilities
  • 2 Internal relays
  • 6 Digital OUT ports
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RM3 Remote Monitoring

RM3 is built on our industry leading remote monitoring. It is the perfect economical solution for the secure monitoring of your mechanical room, home or mobile heating application.

Monitoring Capabilities
  • 4 Analog ports (4-20mA)
  • 8 Digital IN ports
  • RS485 - Modbus (read)
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Our Remote Boiler Monitoring Works with Any Boiler System: Hydronic or Steam

Industries Served

Property Managers

Find out how Remforce is helping property managers and REIT's decrease the cost of boiler failure and aid in building efficiency.

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Mechanical Contractors

Find out how our remote boiler monitoring is benefiting mechanical contractors and their clients.

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Industrial Application

From monitoring paper mills to food processing boilers, Remforce can be used in any industrial setting.

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Mobile Heating

Monitor your mobile boiler fleet. Ensure proper operation for billable hours. Use door sensors to know when the unit is being entered.

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Never Fear
Boiler Failure Again

Boiler Alarm Notifications sent via:
Phone, Text & Email

System failure can cost thousands of dollars if not dealt with immediately (frozen pipes, water damage, ect.). With Remforce’s alarm notifications you are informed via Phone Escalation, SMS or email if any failure occurs on your boiler system (temperature, pressure, pumps ect.). Protect your investments!

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What do you want to monitor?

Listed below are some examples of the parameters our clients are remote monitoring on their boiler systems.

Analog IN

4-20mA and 0-10V sensors. This data is used on our real-time data charts.

  • Boiler Supply Temp
  • Boiler Return Temp
  • Domestic Hot Water Temp
  • Flue Stack Temp
  • Boiler Pressure
  • Fluid Level

Digital IN

Monitor dry contacts and relays.

  • Low Water Cut Out
  • Flame Failure
  • Leak Detection
  • Boiler Lockout
  • High Water
  • Pump Operation
  • Current: Power On/Off
  • Door Open/Close
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Real Time Data = Real Time Insight

  • Know how your system is operating 24/7
  • Custom alarms notify you of a failure immediately
  • Identify boiler system deficiencies with our real time data charts
  • Gain crucial insight into how to optimize your boiler system
  • Remotely configure your boiler to optimize efficiency
  • Enable Warm Weather Shut down
  • Use as a tool for preventative maintenance
  • Extend boiler life by approximately 7-10 years
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Remote Boiler Monitoring & Alarm Notification

Avert Disaster

Save money with boiler failure notifications. System failure can costs thousands of dollars if not dealt with immediately (frozen pipes, water damage, ect.). With remforce’s alarm notifications you are informed via SMS or email if any failure occurs on your boiler system (temperature, pressure, pumps ect.). Protect your investment and your tenants.


Use real time data gives key insight to optimize your boiler. With Remforce installed you can see, in real time, how the controller is actually operating. Giving you the data needed to make key adjustments to optimize your boilers efficiency.

Identify Deficiencies

Use the real time data to identify any potential deficiencies in the system before it progresses into a full blown failure. It can also be used to detect early equipment failure giving the option to schedule replacement before failure occurs.

Extend Boiler Life

Remote monitoring equipment enables optimization of older boiler systems, early failure detection and can be used to extend boiler life by 5 to 7 years. Delaying boiler replacement can lead to major capital investment savings.