Base Boiler Kit Monitor Boiler Temperature, Pressure, Fans, Leaks

Remote Boiler Monitoring & Controls

Since 2013, Remforce has been leading the innovation for remote boiler monitoring. 2020 marks the launch of our GEN2 hardware, with new models and capabilities.

Remforce Products

Remforce remote monitoring is a cloud-based IOT solution focused on remote boiler monitoring. Monitor your assets from anywhere at any time, get notified if a failure occurs.

RM2 Remote Monitoring & Controls

RM2 is our most advanced and flexible model, featuring cloud-based controls and a wide range of remote monitoring capabilities.

Monitoring Capabilities
  • 8 Analog ports (4-20mA)
  • 8 Digital IN ports
  • 6 Digital OUT ports
Control Capabilities
  • 2 Internal relays
  • 6 Digital OUT ports
  • RS485 - Modbus (read & write)
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RM3 Remote Monitoring

RM3 is built on our industry leading remote monitoring. It is the perfect economical solution for the secure monitoring of your mechanical room, home or mobile heating application.

Monitoring Capabilities
  • 4 Analog ports (4-20mA)
  • 8 Digital IN ports
  • RS485 - Modbus (read)
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Remforce Cloud Features

Access your data, create auto-task controls and set up alarms from anywhere at any time.

24/7 monitoring

Know how your boiler is operating in real time. Reduce maintenance check ups and have peace of mind knowing you will be notified if a problem occurs.

Boiler Controls

  • Modbus support
  • Control up to 6 relays

Failure Avoidance

Alarm notifications will send you a SMS or email within 15min of a failure occurring. Set up unlimited alarms for any of your parameters.

Energy Savings

Real time monitoring of space heating equipment can help identify energy savings and identify operational deficiencies.


Create teams to manage a group of buildings, add users, analyze data and set alarms for your team.

Historical Data

Our historical data charts give you the ability to navigate back each month to view your boiler’s operation and download the monthly boiler chart.

Download Data

With our report generator you can download a .csv of all your boiler data . No more manual entry on clipboards!. Download a detailed or daily report.

Manage Portfolio

Our web app allows you to view all of your boilers from one interface. Create alarms, teams, view historical data and generate reports.

Industries Served

Property Managers

Find out how Remforce is helping property managers and REIT's decrease the cost of boiler failure and aid in building efficiency.

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Mechanical Contractors

Find out how our remote boiler monitoring is benefiting mechanical contractors and their clients.

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Industrial Application

From monitoring paper mills to food processing boilers, Remforce can be used in any industrial setting.

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Mobile Heating

Monitor your mobile boiler fleet. Ensure proper operation for billable hours. Use door sensors to know when the unit is being entered.

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What else can REM1 do?


myREM was designed for multi-building owners. Our goal was to design one interface that allows our clients to easily manage and navigate their entire building portfolio.

Teams & Users

Teams allow you to assign a group of users to a group of buildings. The users on the team can access data and receive alarms only for that group of buildings.

Historical Data & Reports

View your historical boiler performance data, and download your data in a .csv with the click of a button.

View On Any Device

myREM was designed to be viewed on any device – mobile, tablet or desktop – providing you easy access to your data whether on the go or in the office.

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