Base Boiler Kit Monitor Boiler Temperature, Pressure, Fans, Leaks

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Base Boiler Kit

Our base boiler kit is the perfect solution to get your boiler monitored, alarms set up, and you notified if the pressure or temperatures suddenly change.

Our kit can be customized to suite your boilers needs. We have kit variations for:

  • Low pressure boilers
  • High pressure boilers
  • High temperature boilers


Remforce can be used to monitor any hydronic heating system, as well as steam boilers.

  • Multi-Family dwellings
  • Food process plants
  • Supervised plants
  • Guarded plants

Boiler Monitoring Sensors

  • Dry contact/switch sensors
  • Leak detection
  • Frozen pipes
  • Electrical current
  • Fire
  • Humidity
  • Motion sensors
Base Boiler Kit Boiler Remote monitoring
1.REM1 Data Collector
2.2 x 25′ Temperature Sensors
3.Pressure Sensor (0 - 100 PSI)

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Remote Monitoring Hardware Capabilities

Remote Boiler Alarms / Alerts
Boiler Temperature Monitoring

4 Temperature Ports

With our REM1 monitoring device you can monitor up to 4 different temperatures.

Boiler Temperature Monitoring

4 Analog Inputs

Analog inputs (4-20ma) allow for precise monitoring of a variety of measurements.

Boiler Temperature Monitoring

8 Discrete Inputs

Discrete measurements allow for the monitoring of simple on / off readings.

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What else can REM1 do?


myREM was designed for multi-building owners. Our goal was to design one interface that allows our clients to easily manage and navigate their entire building portfolio.

Teams & Users

Teams allow you to assign a group of users to a group of buildings. The users on the team can access data and receive alarms only for that group of buildings.

Historical Data & Reports

View your historical boiler performance data, and download your data in a .csv with the click of a button.

View On Any Device

myREM was designed to be viewed on any device – mobile, tablet or desktop – providing you easy access to your data whether on the go or in the office.

Identify Boiler Deficiencies

Start cutting costs on building management & give yourself peace of mind.
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