Foolish not to do it

For a property management company it is a sound decision, it is foolish not to do it. It has given our property managers and caretakers incredible peace of mind knowing they will be notified if a failure occurs.

Gary Gurnsey | Emerald Property Management

Paid back investment

We had a number of major failures this winter that would have cost us tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Remforce alarm notifications alerted us of the failures and we were able to get to the site, repair the failure and prevent further damage. Remforce has paid for itself in the first months of installation.


Real Time Data

Remforce is our eyes and ears in the boiler room. Our customers had number of failures that Remforce alarms notified us of, saving our clients from potentially catastrophic failures and tens of thousands of dollars in repair bills. Not only that but Remforce real-time data helped us to identify a slow pressure leak in our customers boiler system; a boiler feed valve failed. Once the valve was fixed the client could see, on the app, how the pressure was restored and was maintaining the desired psi.

Jason Paull | Seven Mechanical

Easy to install – Easy to use

Remforce provides the means of seeing how our client’s boiler is operating without being on site. We used it to diagnose and fix some major issues we were having with their boiler system. Easy to install – easy to use.

Keith Bruni | Bruni and Campisi Plumbing