Remforce Announces Partnership with Saskatchewan Landlord Association (SKLA)

Published on Feb 22, 2016 by Remforce

sklaRemforce is pleased to have joined the Saskatchewan Landlord Association, or SKLA for short. SKLA is an advocacy and educational organization for landlords in the Saskatchewan rental housing industry. Today the SKLA represents over 18,000 rental units in the province from small single unit investors to large property management and real estate firms.

A core objective for the SKLA is: “To create opportunities for members to more effectively manage their properties”, and remote boiler monitoring is designed to do just that. SKLA members will be able to lower their energy and maintenance costs, and even more importantly avert disasters with alarm notifications.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Remforce to the SKLA. Our members are continuously working for operational improvements, and Remforce’s technology knowhow will be invaluable to our community, as will their specific domain experience with boilers. We look forward to having them join the discussions.”  comments Chanda Lockhart, Executive Officer of the SKLA.

“We are excited to partner with SKLA and work closely with the membership to understand their day-to-day challenges on the ground dealing with tenants, buildings and support teams. Our goal is to ensure that our remote boiler monitoring system and future products continue to address and solve real world needs. With a Saskatchewan based partnership our product development team will be able to be active participants in the discussion which is a significant learning opportunity,” comments Bill England, VP Sales at Remforce.

As a Saskatchewan based company it is always nice to be able to work with clients and partners close to home.