Remforce Releases Leak Monitoring Kit (LMK)

Published on Aug 11, 2015 by Remforce

The Remforce team is pleased to announce the release of our Leak Monitoring Kit. The Leak Monitoring Kit monitors the mechanical room 24/7/365, detects leaks early and lets you know the moment trouble appears.

The kit includes 4 water-presence sensors, and enables remote shut-off and re-starting of an adjacent pump, fan or boiler.

Additionally, the LMK monitors and reports on:

  • temperature (boiler, domestic hot water, indoor, and outdoor)
  • boiler pressure
  • carbon monoxide
  • fans (system fan, return air fan, crawlspace ventilation)
  • pumps (system pumps or alarms, DHW recirculation pump)

A detailed feature lists can be found << here >>.