Remforce FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions, if you have questions that are not answered, please email us.

What kind of boilers do you monitor?

Our hardware can monitor any boiler system, hydronic or steam. Our sensors overlay the system. We have sensors for low pressure, high pressure and high temperature applications.


What can I monitor with an RM2?

With RM2 device you can monitor:

4 Temperatures

  • Boiler temperature
  • Domestic Hot water
  • Supply
  • Return

4 Analog Measurements (4-20ma sensors)

  • Boiler pressure
  • Electric Current

8 Discrete Ports

  • Boiler Lockout
  • Connect to Dry contacts
  • On/Off
  • Fans
  • Pumps
How many boilers can I monitor with one device?

As long as your boiler are collated you can monitor more that one boiler. You do not have to monitor the temperature of every boiler. You can monitor the supply temp, and the pressure of the system. With one client we are monitoring  6 boilers with 1 REM1 device.

Do you have an App?

We have a web-app that can be accessed with any device using any operating system. We do not have apps for IOS or android yet.