Disaster Averted

Published on Jan 28, 2016 by Remforce

This morning we received a customer email that we wanted to share which underscores the benefits of remote monitoring.

…the LWCO, low water cut out, failed.  It was leaking water all over the boiler room. 

I called the manager right away.  Her caretaker went to the building and could see something was leaking so he called the local plumbing and heating contractor.  They got the leak stopped and the P&H contractor is going there today with a new LWCO.

Here is how this would have gone without remote monitoring.

  1. If the caretaker did his boiler log in the mornings he would report all was normal Monday morning.
  2. The leak started at 4 pm and the fill tank was trying.  It  would have been empty by 8 pm.
  3. The boiler would stop working from no flow or low water by 9 pm.
  4. The residents would be calling by 2 am because they where cold.
  5. Then the repairs would begin.  And hopefully the pumps wouldn’t have suffered to much damage running without water for 6 hours.

Happier tenants and a substantially lower repair bill.