Remforce Device Connector Wifi Connection Guide

  1. Upon connecting to a Remforce Wifi unit, a button labeled “Configure Wifi” will appear near the bottom of the screen.
  2. Pressing this button will take you to the Wifi Configuration page, where you will be able to configure your device’s wifi connection.
  3. When you enter the Wifi Configuration screen, you will notice three things:
    1. The “Scan” button
    2. The “Clear Wifi Credentials” button
    3. The Wifi Module Status indicator at the bottom of the screen
  4. Clicking the scan button will cause your wifi unit to begin to search for nearby wifi networks, and will shortly show you a list of the ones that it can find.
  5. You then should be able to find your wifi network among the list and can select it.
    If you cannon find your network, try pressing the Scan button again (The text will now read “Refresh”).
  6. Once you select your wifi network, you will be asked for the password.
  7. Once you enter the password, you can click the “Connect” button, and the unit will begin connecting to the network.
  8. In the bottom of your screen, you will see the Wifi Module Status as Connecting to <your network>.
  9. The status will also display any other saved networks that the device will also try to connect to.
  10. If you see unwanted networks listed in the Wifi Module Status, you can click the previously mentioned Clear Credentials.
  11. Clicking the Clear Credentials button will remove all credentials, including any that you set recently or previously saved ones.
  12. Once the unit has connected to the wifi, the Wifi Module Status will read
  13. Connected to <your network>.
  14. If the Wifi Module Status reads Connecting to <your network> for more than 15 seconds, it is possible that the password was entered incorrectly,
    and should be entered again by clicking on the network name, re-entering the password, and clicking the Connect button.
  15. When you are finished with connecting your device, you can click the X beside the “Close” text in the upper right corner.